Plus, a “Cyber Monday” special 

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Happy Monday Friend!

This week, we’re highlighting an amazing organization that we hope you’ll join us in supporting.

Jovenes Inc. works with youth between the ages of 18 and 24 experiencing or at risk of homelessness in LA County, offering them access to housing programs, employment resources, academic support, life skills training, and more. 

We’re inviting you to participate in their Host Homes programs. Through Host Homes, you could open up your spare bedroom to a youth for up to 6 months, helping them along their journey toward permanent, long-term housing.

During the 6 months, case managers work directly with the youth to help them achieve their goals. For you, Jovenes provides a $500 monthly stipend, and 24/7 staff support.

For more info on getting involved, contact Jovenes.


From the blog: LA’s biggest NIMBYs

“In Los Angeles County, the competition for ‘most anti-housing city government’ is fierce.”


Read Anthony’s post to see how your city scores.


Be a hero!

Join YIMBY Action, Abundant Housing LA, and People for Housing OC for an introduction to cities and their housing planning processes. What is a Housing Element? How can you make sure your city is doing their part to meeting the region’s housing need?
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is the last day of Early Bird ticket sales!

 On the 16th we’re hosting a comedy show benefit for AHLA, and you should buy your ticket before prices go up tomorrow. Every cent goes toward ending LA’s housing crisis. We appreciate your generosity! 

Sign up here.


From the City:

 The 2021-2029 Housing Element is a multi-year update that will help LA address the growing housing challenges we face. The City of LA is inviting you to be part of the process. Sign up for updates and to hear about more opportunities to get involved in shaping the future of LA.

Click here to find out more.