AHLA is Proud to introduce our March 2024 Election Endorsements

  1. Yes on Prop 1
  2. Yes on City Ballot Measure HLA
    • Supervisor Hahn has been a great supporter of housing by voting to push regulations to build more targeted housing for the unhoused. Especially with the cost of living going up, Janice Hahn is also deeply committed to building and expanding housing, especially affordable housing.

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    • Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian is a skilled legislator and advocate who will help overcome the challenges in the housing approval system to enable much needed development in CD2.

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    • Council Member Marqueece Harris-Dawson is a sound housing advocate who fundamentally aligns with our values and he knows the value of having an abundance of housing in his district that will strengthen the district.

      Please note: the Candidate does not have an updated website for this cycle

    • Assembly Member Reggie Jones-Sawyer clearly demonstrated an understanding of city bureaucracy and a demonstrated experience in streamlining bureaucratic systems, making him the right person at the right time to create an abundance of housing.

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    • Assembly Member Santiago has a clear roadmap on the further steps to tackle head-on a robust pro-housing agenda.

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    • Supervisor Kathryn Barger has been an advocate aligned with her legislative cohorts on incentivizing more housing in their districts and pushing the bureaucracy to streamline the approval process for housing in the unincorporated areas of the county.

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    • Jessica Caloza has demonstrated her commitment to good housing policies through her work at the CA Justice Department, which has played a critical role in enforcing laws aimed at increasing the supply of housing throughout the state. In addition to her long history of commitment to public service, she is also a renter and has roots in the district’s community.

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    • Rick Cole is an exemplary pro-housing candidate, because of his 25+ year long advocacy for quality housing at all levels of government, delivering affordable housing and leading pro-housing nonprofits.

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    • Jed is a local elected official with a strong pro-housing track record. He has vocally pushed for changes to enable more housing in Claremont; a city where the elites fight hard to maintain the status quo. Jed proved they do not represent the majority of voters, so he is slowly changing the political narrative to support housing.

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    • Dulce has been persistently committed to housing including advocating for SB4 and SB423 in Sacramento. Dulce will be a strong vocal housing advocate in the Capitol, especially for a district with great need for fair housing.

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    • Mark is a lifelong renter and community leader with deep roots in the district. He understands the urgent need to build more housing and we believe that he will support pro-housing legislation.

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    • Tina’s tenure in the Assembly has shown a clear commitment for legislation to enable Californians to build more housing. She voted in favor of SB4 and SB 423 and we believe she will continue to be a champion in our pro-housing efforts.

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    • Nithya is a consistent advocate for an abundance of housing. She has been one of the most pro-housing supportive members on council. Now is the time to reinforce our support for her as the stakes grow with the latest significant increase in homelessness.

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    • Laura is a proven champion for building the housing we need to address our homelessness and affordability crisis. From her work as a Glendale Council Member to her work in Sacramento advancing critical bills like AB 2097 (Eliminate Parking Minimums Near Transit), Laura has demonstrated that she understands that the lack of affordable housing is inextricably linked to homelessness. Laura’s experience and knowledge make her best positioned to bring critical dollars for transportation connected to housing.

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    • Robert recently announced over $5 million of HUD funds to address homelessness in Long Beach. Investing in affordable housing helps families in need and has broader economic benefits. It creates jobs in the construction and related industries and can improve public health outcomes by providing safe and stable living conditions.

      Overall, the need for federal dollars to build more housing is urgent and will require significant investment to address the affordable housing crisis and create more equitable and sustainable housing; that is why Abundant Housing LA strongly endorses Congressman Garcia for re-election.

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    • Sasha is an educator, equal rights advocate, and local elected official with deep roots in organized labor. She brings electoral experience on the challenges of creating housing at the local level. Through her work, Sasha has identified solutions to strengthening housing protections and access. Her families’ working class background drives her determination to build more housing and to ensure affordability for Californians at all levels of income.

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    • Kipp’s values and commitment to housing align with Abundant Housing LA. Furthermore, he is a viable candidate because of high-value endorsements and his prior experience running for office. Kipp clearly understands the issues, and he stressed his ambition to lead on housing.

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    • Nick is a pro-housing leader who has faced the local challenges of creating more housing. He has had to learn how to create a path between community concerns and addressing the housing crisis. To this point, he shared his evolution on the SB 35 Pickwick project, which led to an approved housing project. Insights into his thinking process clearly showed his commitment to creating a more inclusive California.

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    • Rick’s actions speak louder than words. He introduced or co-sponsored several housing bills during his first term.

      He championed AHLA’s priority bill AB 1335 to align regional housing assessment and sustainability planning to ensure critical outcomes, and the bill incentivizes sustainable housing near transit. He is an exemplary leader who shares our commitment to addressing our housing crisis and climate change via evidence-based policies.

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