Karen Bass for Mayor

Rep. Bass’ unparalleled track record of working across a wide range of divides, anchored by her deep relationships in Los Angeles, uniquely positions her to actually translate our shared progressive values into long-overdue action. Read our statement.

Dulce Vasquez for Los Angeles City Council District 9

Abundant Housing LA is excited to endorse Dulce Vasquez! Dulce’s candidacy is by far the most exciting and groundbreaking. We believe in her leadership, passion, and vision. Read our statement.

Scott Epstein for Los Angeles City Council District 5

Scott Epstein stood out from a slate of qualified candidates. We believe that Scott will bring a fresh vision to the Los Angeles City Council, one that prioritizes housing and transit.  Read our statement.

Rick Chavez Zbur for State Assembly, District 51

With deep experience in local and statewide issues, a track record in shaping and passing public policy, a reputation as a leader and advocate on social equity, and valuable relationships in Sacramento and across the state, Rick is well-positioned to be a skilled and effective legislator.  He will fight for housing and economic justice and will be a force for change, working to solve our housing and homelessness crises. Read our statement.

Lindsey Horvath for LA County Supervisor District 3

Abundant Housing LA is proud to endorse Lindsey Horvath for Los Angeles County Supervisor District 3. Through her tenure as Mayor and Councilmember of the city of West Hollywood, Lindsey is the only candidate in this race with a proven track record of creating housing at all income levels. We believe she is the best aligned with Abundant Housing LA’s values as well as the best suited to hit the ground running as Supervisor. Read the full statement.

Erin Darling for Los Angeles City Council District 11

Abundant Housing LA is thrilled to endorse Erin Darling for Los Angeles City Council District 11. Erin is a civil rights lawyer working to promote racial justice and equity in housing and beyond. Erin understands that housing policy is climate policy. His focus for CD 11 includes tenant rights and housing for all, environmental protection, and public transit.  Read our full statement.

Elizabeth Alcantar for Assembly District 64

Abundant Housing LA is excited to endorse Elizabeth Alcantar’s candidacy for Assembly District 64. We need young renters in leadership positions across our state, and electing Elizabeth, who is a renter and proven leader, takes us one step closer to this goal. Read our statement.

Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva for Assembly District 67

Abundant Housing LA is honored to endorse Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva for Assembly District 67. Assemblymember Quirk-Silva has demonstrated a fierce and genuine commitment to improving the lives of her constituents. We share with her the values of listening to constituents, as well as the understanding that we need more housing. Read our statement.

Tina McKinnor for Assembly District 62/61

Tina has been a vocal champion for affording housing in her work as civic engagement director with L.A. Voice, and she recognizes the urgency of our housing and homelessness crisis. We are encouraged by her support for increasing housing supply (including by removing minimum on-site parking requirements) and protecting tenants from eviction. Assembly District 62 will become District 61 on Dec. 5th 2022 due to redistricting. Read our statement.

Lola Smallwood-Cuevas For Senate District 28

As a state Senator, Lola will focus on creating well-paying jobs, addressing homelessness, funding healthcare, improving community safety, and protecting the environment. We are especially impressed by her clear understanding of homelessness and the comprehensive policies she will champion. Read our statement.

Mike Fong For Assembly District 49

In his short tenure as an Assemblymember since the special election earlier this year, Mike has already supported AB 2097, which will remove costly and wasteful minimum parking mandates, and AB 2011, which legalizes housing, especially affordable housing, in areas zoned for commercial uses. Even before Mike was elected to the Assembly, he proudly supported SB 9. Read our full statement.

Laura Friedman For Assembly District 44

Assemblymember Friedman has demonstrated strong housing leadership through her bills AB 1401 and AB 2097, aiming to reform harmful, costly, and arbitrary minimum parking mandates. She steadfastly promoted the need for more housing production in her district through numerous presentations and messaging campaigns, and champions a vision of diverse, sustainable, and walkable neighborhoods. Read our full statement.

Isaac Bryan For Assembly District 55

Assemblymember Bryan is one of the three renters in the state legislature. He is precisely the kind of leader that Californians need in creating a stronger future for our state. Assemblymember Isaac Bryan has been a true champion for affordable housing throughout his career and especially during his first term in the Legislature. We are proud to endorse Isaac Bryan for a second term. Read our statement.

Rex Richardson for Long Beach Mayor

Rex Richardson has a proven track record of addressing homelessness through the Housing First approach. As a Long Beach Councilmember, Rex worked to build the city’s first municipal homeless shelter with permanent supportive housing. He has a detailed and comprehensive plan for homelessness and will work to bring more homes for all levels of income to Long Beach. Read our statement.

Juan Carrillo for State Assembly District 39

Juan Carrillo is a trained and experienced city planner with demonstrated leadership in housing. In 2016, as a newly-elected Council Member, Juan led the effort to update Palmdale’s general plan – the first update in two decades – where he fought to bring affordable housing to all neighborhoods. Additionally, Juan streamlined the permitting of badly needed new homes in every neighborhood.  Read our statement.

Kenneth Mejia for Los Angeles City Controller

Kenneth Mejia’s fresh ideas and energetic grassroots campaign stand in stark contrast to those of his opponent, Paul Koretz. We are more than impressed by his innovative efforts to make the city’s finances more transparent and accessible to everyone, and in particular by his calling attention to how little Los Angeles spends on housing and services for the unhoused compared to policing.  Read our statement.

Faisal Gill for Los Angeles City Attorney

Faisal Gill has a well-articulated progressive vision for tying housing and criminal justice reform together as someone with a background in civil rights legislation. Faisal is outspoken about addressing exclusionary zoning and Prop 13. Gill’s opponent, Hydee Feldstein Soto, is vocally opposed to SB 9 and other state laws that promote new housing options for Los Angeles familiesRead our statement.

Caroline Menjivar for State Senate District 20

Caroline Menjivar is a daughter of immigrants, a San Fernando Valley native, a queer woman of color, and a veteran. She has a long history of service in her personal life and her work in government, as well as lived experience of housing insecurity stemming from the 2008 suprime mortgage crisisRead our statement.

Freddy Puza for Culver City Council

A committed local activist who has served on Culver City’s Committee on Homelessness and General Plan Advisory Committee, Puza understands how planning and zoning issues intersect with environmental sustainability, social justice, and community well-being. Read our statement.

Alex Fisch for Culver City Council

As an outspoken pro-housing leader, Alex Fisch has attracted widespread attention for his work toward zoning reform at the local level and his online advocacy for YIMBY ideals. We look forward to Councilmember Fisch’s continued leadership on housing, homelessness, transportation, and sustainability. Read our statement.

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More homes benefit all.

Show legislators and council members you care about housing, sign up for weekly housing advocacy and updates!