Do you believe Santa Monica must deal with its housing crisis and meet its RHNA numbers? Speak out for housing at the October 12 City Council Meeting! Join your fellow pro-housing advocates to share your perspective on Santa Monica’s housing element. Make your voice heard!

The Santa Monica City Council will be adopting the Housing Element for Santa Monica this Tuesday, October 12th. You can read the full staff report and attachments here. To summarize, our city’s housing element does not fulfill the RHNA target of 8,895 homes, does not take actions to undo segregation, and does not propose reforms to make building homes easier. This is a plan for continued housing scarcity and segregation, and next Tuesday is the last opportunity to provide your input before the final draft is submitted to HCD!

You can watch the meeting via the City’s YouTube channel . 


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Date & Time: Tuesday 10/12/2021 5:30 PM

Call by phone at (310) 312-8173 when the caller queue opens for the agenda item on which you wish to comment. The caller queue for an agenda item will not open until just before the item is called and will then remain open until the first five public comments are heard. The agenda item for adoption of the housing element is 8A.

Talking points:

  • Santa Monica doesn’t have enough homes. The Housing Element should make major reforms to allow more homes of more types throughout the city. 
  • Climate change will mean more people in California will need to be able to live in cities like Santa Monica, where we have cooler air and are away from fire hazards. The Housing Element should allow a higher amount of homebuilding and density so that we can lower car commutes, greenhouse gas emissions, and make this a sustainable city.
  • The Housing Element does not affirmatively further fair housing. We must address the history of exclusion and racist practices in housing planning by opening up more areas of the city to new housing. Program 4.C to allow a third ADU is a downgrade from the previous Program 4.D, which would have legalized duplexes in a small number of corridors between San Vicente Boulevard and Montana Avenue. Much more must be done to make Santa Monica address fair housing and our ongoing segregation.