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Earlier this month we took action to urge support for 1614 Temple, a housing development that would bring 72 homes to Echo Park. Well, there’s a critical hearing coming up on the Temple project this Thursday. 

So we’re sending letters again to send a message to the City of LA Planning Commission: approve these homes. 

Our top advocates are also taking further steps to stand up for the families that would benefit from these homes, and it’s actually very easy to join them. Check out this action toolkit.

The hearing is scheduled for Thursday, 10am. Find more info in the action toolkit and by clicking the link below. 


Send with one click here.



If you haven’t already signed up, you should. We’re leading the movement to realize a new LA, with housing for all. On Wednesday we’ll chat with some friends at Public Counsel and Pacific Urbanism on the opportunities that 2021 offers to end this housing crisis. 

Wednesday, November 18th, 6-7:30pm. Sign up with one click here.

An agenda for our times

This is the movement to house LA. 

We are so excited to share our policy agenda for 2021 with you. ICYMI: we revisited our policy agenda a few months ago. The fact is that racial justice must be at the center of our work. And we’re putting the work in. 

Read our 2021 Policy Agenda.


Housing Element Webinars

There’s a plan to house LA. Don’t miss your chance to learn more! From the City of LA: “We are hosting three live webinars with Q&A to introduce and gather feedback on draft concepts and strategies for the Plan to House LA.” 

More info here.


See you Saturday

We’re back! 

This month has been a handful…. debrief/decompress with us on Saturday at 12:30. This is a casual meetup with your favorite LA YIMBYs.

*This event is open to members only. 

Members: expect info this week.

Non-members: consider becoming a member!