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Big things are happening, in LA and across the country. This overdue fight for real justice and equity is here and now. And we aren’t letting up. 

We’re coming to you early because the LA City Budget Committee are meeting at 2pm today! And we’re sending a message: FUND HOUSING. 

Together with our HealthyLA coalition partners we’ve put together a script for calls and sample email texts that you can use. (And if you don’t know who your LA Councilmember is, no problem! Use the tool on the website.)

Send a message: fund housing NOW



Last Installment: Lessons from a Pandemic

So what will we learn from COVID-19? The last post in this blog series explores just that, from upzoning to housing design to how we circulate air in our homes.

Check out the last installment of our blog series from Mark Vallianatos. 


Housing 101

DID YOU KNOW? A lot of LA’s biggest challenges have their roots in the racist housing policies of our past. If you’ve never joined Luke Klipp for Housing 101 you’re missing out! And if you have, join us again; Luke is always updating his material.

Join us this Saturday the 13th at 12pm