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Hi Friend,

72 homes – 7 of which are for those who are extremely low-income – are in danger of being stopped. 6 appeals, 5 of which were only recently filed, are trying to stop us from housing more Angelenos in Echo Park.

Now more than ever the need for more housing is being felt across the City. Let’s show folks how powerful our voices are!

Submit a letter of support for these homes and mark your calendars for the public hearing on Nov. 19th, details to follow.

Thank you for taking a stand with us.

-Rod, AHLA Organizing Director


Send with one click here.

A reminder:

We hope you’re taking part in elections during this critical year. We also hope you joined us in voting YES on Prop. 15, NO on Prop. 19, and YES on Measure J. 

Read up on why we took these positions. Watch the video.


Now more than ever

This week (maybe) we’ll see the route our country has chosen to take for the next four years. Whatever happens, our effort to crush this housing crisis will take engagement with elected leaders at every step of the road. 

We’re working to connect you to your city councilmembers (or County supervisor). Bring the pro-housing message right to them. Sign up with one click here.


That’s all from us for now. Keep an eye out on Twitter and Instagram for a video from the AHLA team: some thoughts on tomorrow’s election and the road ahead.