Take action: support AB 1685 forgiving parking tickets for unhoused people

  • Even before the pandemic, there are about 11,124 vehicles that are also homes for unhoused Angelenos. These vehicles often accumulate parking tickets issued by cities. Unhoused people living in vehicles have a hard time void these fines, which they cannot afford to pay. AB 1685 will help by forgiving up to $1,500 annually in parking fines and fees for unhoused people.This gives unhoused people some financial relief to focus on meeting their basic needs and planning their path to becoming housed. Join AHLA in support of AB 1685 by sending a letter to your legislators today!

    Support parking tickets relief for unhoused people


Fresh off the press: What is CEQA and why does it need to be reformed? Part I 

The California Environmental Quality Act, commonly known as CEQA, is a 50-year-old law that’s meant to maintain the quality of the environment. It was also the basis of the lawsuit capping student enrollment at UC Berkeley, as well as other lawsuits to stop housing developments. What is CEQA and how has it shaped our cities? This is Part I of a two-part blog series on CEQA. Refresh your knowledge on CEQA

The latest in housing
  • UCLA now guarantees housing for all students. It is the first and only UC campus to achieve this. Read more
  • HCD underestimated regional housing needs. State Auditors found errors in data entry as well as inadequate methodologies. Read more about this. AHLA advocated for 2.7 million homes for SoCal to fully eliminate cost-burden and overcrowding.


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